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This page is for every women and men who served our country at sometime in there life. If you would like to add your pic and info on the next 2 pages. Please send them to me and I will be glad to add it on here. And I have adopted several MIA/POW's, you will see them below.

The Country Of Our Dreams

Let it be true that we shall find
The country of our dreams;
And walk the moorlans overtwuned,
And Drink from crystal streams

The barque that we have set adrift
Is nearly out of sight;
But may our days be not so swift
To savour as we might.

Alone we dwell, just you and I,
And lie upon the heath;
Our drooping lids succumb to sky,
And this we sleep beneath.

The meadow and the hill we claim,
The forest and the beach;
The country of our dreams became
A land within our reach.

Terri L.Russell

I recieved this today, by surprise for sure. For the poem above.
May 3, 2001
From Caring Women of the Web, Thank you so much. I am so proud.

A Tribute to Veterans-by: Jerry Calow

I remember the Vietnam Vets. My brother served there with 101st airbourne.
Welcome home guys, it's been long overdue. I salute you! You will never be forgotten.

Kentucky POW/MIA Ohio POW/MIA Arkansas POW/MIA

My 1st award for this page

May 2001

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